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“Anaansh Gulpaan is a unique fusion which fulfills your craving for paan. It is a ready to eat Gulkand with ingridients and flavour of paan. Anaansh Gulpaan is specially made from Indian variety rose petals with a flavour of Honey and Desi Khand which increases its taste.
It can be eaten even without a Betel Leaf (Paan Patta).


Used for                                                          -glowing skin                                                  -constipation in kids                                      -problems like  acidity, gastritis, Indigestion,  acne, foul body odor,  hypertension, nosebleed, stress, etc.

How to Use

1. 1 tsp at bedtime for treating problems like constipation.                         2. 1 tsp after your everyday meals as a sweet.


1. Do not consume in excessive quantity
2. Infants/Pregnant Women should consume as directed by physician


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